My last art class was in 8th grade. But a trip to Omaha on a much-needed girls weekend with my sister-in-law landed me in a paint and sip studio channeling my inner artist again. I painted. I splattered. I sipped. I had a blast! It was the fun break I desperately needed. I realized I wanted one of these in Independence. And I wanted to be the one to open it!

For the next several months Moscato’s Masterpiece consumed my thoughts and evolved from visions in my head into this inviting paint and sip studio. At Moscato’s Masterpiece, the seasoned artist sits next to the inspired novice. Painting. Splattering. Sipping. Having a blast. That fun break you are so desperately needing!

“My hope is that you have a great time at Moscato’s Masterpiece, no matter what your experience level. We will teach you how to get in touch with that creative you. After all, with a paintbrush in one hand and a Moscato in the other, anyone can create a Masterpiece!”