Come to a Class

Moscato’s Masterpiece offers six classes, open to the public, Wednesday through Saturday. Class times are 7pm – 9/9:30pm Wednesday – Friday, Saturdays 10am-noon, 2:30pm-4:30pm, and 7pm-9:30pm. The Studio opens thirty minutes prior to the start of class. Please arrive early to get settled in: hang your coat, purchase your drinks, pump your paint, and get excited to create your Masterpiece!

Classes are the perfect way for you to experience the creative process with your friends and family in an open group experience. You will be painting alongside other budding artists and making new friends along the way. This is the perfect setting if you do not have enough in your group to plan a private event. There is no minimum number of painters required to attend a class. Be prepared for maximum amounts of fun!

If you would like to have the Studio reserved for just your group, please refer to the Private Party information and guidelines. To reserve the Studio for your party, please either send us an email or give us a call. Click the Contact Us tab to start the conversation.

All painters are encouraged to reserve their spot in advance by clicking the Events Calendar, selecting a day and time to paint, and clicking the Book Now tab to work through the reservation process.